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09/28/2018 02:30Ten Russian governors face resignation    ( )
Thus, political scientist Vitaly Ivanov expressed the opinion that before the next elections, heads of the Lipetsk and Kursk regions Oleg Korolev and ...
09/22/2018 01:40This young lady is the best welder in Russia. Officially    ( Malaysia Sun (blog) )
She combines teaching with her studies at the Russian University of Transport ... we told you about the fairy-tale park Kudykina Gora in the Lipetsk Region? ... If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an ...
08/08/2018 17:50Bright object observed over West Siberia could be part of space debris, says scientist    ( TASS )
... for example, the Chelyabinsk fireball [in the Urals] or the Ozerki meteorite whose fragments were found in the Lipetsk Region [in west Russia] looked ...
06/27/2018 12:25Scientists have found a fragment of a meteorite that fell in Lipetsk region, Russian Federation    ( The Koz Times )
A fragment of a meteorite in comparison with coin and DICOM. Experts from the Ural Federal University in the North of the Lipetsk region fragment of ...
06/27/2018 12:25Dazzling Video Captures Yet Another Unexpected Meteor Exploding Over Russia    ( Inverse )
Citizen scientist and Russian amateur astronomer Roman Tkachenko collected footage of the fireball as seen from the cities of Kursk, Lipetsk, ...
01/24/2018 16:306 WWII media cover-ups    ( )
Nobody was unhappier on June 21 of 1941, when the Hitler hordes swarmed across the Russian border and war began, than the Russian women of Lipetsk who had enjoyed torrid romances with the good-looking German pilots in training. The hero of the Battle of Britain, RAF Group Capt.
12/22/2017 22:55New Metallurgy and World-Class Scientists: How Russian Universities Innovate    ( Sputnik International )
Smelting occurs in the slag-matte bath of the furnace where a mixture of oxygen and air is intensively pumped. Its counterpart in ferrous metallurgy is the Romelt furnace. It was also developed by MISIS scientists. As I said, the Romelt furnace was built for processing ferrous metals in Lipetsk in the 1980s.
10/04/2017 11:50Russian, Serbian pilots start pre-flight training in BARS-2017 joint drills    ( TASS )
The pilots are training at the Lipetsk center of the Russian Aerospace Force. The BARS-2017 aviation exercises are being held in compliance with a ...
04/27/2017 16:15Kemin's Russian animal protein facilities now open    ( Business Record )
Kemin Industries announced today the opening of its Russia manufacturing and laboratory facilities in Lipetsk. The new facility for the Kemin ...
01/05/2017 23:30Auchan to sell Russian sweets in Italy    ( )
Maria Kurnosov, director, external communications for Russia, Auchan, said it is ... Verist Kachestvu from the Ryazan region, Merletto in the Lipetsk region and ... exhibition where it showcased its partner's products made in Russia.
10/06/2016 18:20Russia The Moscow Times: Russian teacher accused of gay propaganda    ( Kyiv Post )
The prosecutor's office in the Russian city of Lipetsk will investigate a complaint against an arts school teacher accused of “gay propaganda,” local ...
08/18/2016 17:55Iran: Russians Using Iranian Airbases    ( Gatestone Institute )
Iran's deepening military cooperation with Russia serves as a hedge, in the ... Additionally, Russia's air force is profiting by targeting training under ... by various long range bombers inside Syria from Russian airbases like Lipetsk ...
02/03/2016 02:31Russia's Su-35S fighters in Syria to be used against ground targets — expert    ( TASS )
Russia's newest Sukhoi Su-35S fighters, redeployed to Syria, will be ... of the Lipetsk air pilots training center, Major-General Alexander Kharchevsky, ...
01/30/2015 09:15First batch of Su-35 fighters to arrive in China between 2017 and 2018   (WantChinaTimes)
China is likely to receive the first batch of Su-35 fighters from Russia ... to receive the Su-35 was the air force training center located at Lipetsk Oblast.

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